The Source of Wellbeing, found secluded within a private estate, deep in the stunning Mediterranean countryside around Marbella (Andalucia), is an exceptional residential retreat promoting harmony, balance and inner peace.

The story of Finca La Fuente goes back over 70 years. From the moment of its conception, the Finca has been designed to achieve a very private, safe, beautiful and privileged environment. Finca La Fuente has been been continuously taken care of and maintained always respecting the environment and eco-diversity of its unique location.

The gardens are delightfully divided by streams and outlets of following water from the river Alaminos. Connected with beautiful pathways, one can stroll along and just contemplate. Or sit down on the many little areas and water features. The garden it self hosts a variety of different plants and trees from the exotic to the traditional Andalusian fruits. You can access the river and the natural swimming pools directly from the Finca through the gardens.

Come and relax, unwind or party in a unique part of the world where the sound of running water from natural springs and the ambiance of being in mother natures bosom will leave you feeling harmonized and tranquil.