We are focused on creating pathways for humans to become “WHOLE” again.
We believe a human being can live in bliss if the “inner being” (purpose, motivation etc) is in balance with the “outer Doing”

We achieve this by bridging the gab between the eastern philosophies of “Being” and the western lifestyle of “Doing”. Creating a balanced whole between who we are in our care and what we do at the outside to reflect this.

The Source of Wellbeing is a new generation of retreat. This is not a standard business school or retreat for professionals that uses traditional techniques and approaches. The team use a holistic, proven approach.

The Source of Wellbeing is not only a beautiful and peaceful place but also the source of inspirational change for individuals and professionals. We are more than a sanctuary of tranquillity, a spa, and a place of meditation. At the Source of Wellbeing we are a unique venue and specialised retreat that brings together professional experts and coaches who curate and execute powerful programmes that manifest change, delivering success and wellbeing.