Austrian born and Swiss educated, Martina Willis traveled the world, has worked for fortune 500 companies, studied Mechanical Engineering and in the USA in International Marketing and Management.
She made it to her life goal to equip people to become the driving force to change organisations.  As she knows that the economy needs to adopt a new business model. Away from being only margin driven back to having Customer and employee satisfaction as their main key drivers. Knowing very well success is imminent, if the employee is in the center and gets a chance to be the best she or he can be, is empowered and has the feeling she or he can make a difference.In short: a happy successful employee will generate a happy customer.

The first 19 years of her casreer were spent in the IT sector, starting her professional career at Microsoft as the youngest Product Manager in Microsoft’s history. She then specialized in business development for multiple firms. In 2002 she became MD of an IT consultancy firm in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Sweden, serving large and renowned client’s world-wide. Back in Switzerland she lead Altran a French owned consulting firm back into profit. Later she joined Oracle as technology transformation specialist, coach and trainer for Oracle account managers.

During her multiple different appointments she understood that it is not what the product or service they sell that makes an organization successful but the people who work for the firm. Their motivation, engagement and drive and determination make all the difference.

With her Wellbeing project she wants to assist people to become the best they can be. By equipping them with all tools they need to be highly effective and efficient and being a balanced and whole human.

Martina has had various teaching positions over the years, starting with being an University lecturer in the USA (Houston College) and England (University of Colchester) for E-Commerce and IT. Later she was author and trainer for Learningtree International for various IT, and soft skill courses such as Project Management and highly effective team building. Later she got a Diploma in MindTraining and Coaching, which she used throughout her career in the IT sector to create highly effective teams, coach and lead people and organizations to success.